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What to Bring to UC

Here are some suggestions to help you think through what to bring to your new room. The items on this list are not required; you should use your discretion in deciding what you will need.

Clothes & Accessories
Coat, hat, jacket, gloves, umbrella, jeans, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, underwear, socks, swimsuit, shoes, boots, tennis shoes, something dressy… Be prepared for all situations!
(If you can go home to switch out clothes, you can bring things for only one season.)

Desk/School Supplies
Paper, pens, pencils, ruler, tape, paper clips, dictionary/thesaurus, calculator, computer, printer, markers, calendar, planner, scissors, stapler

There are computer labs in the Bennett Building, the Correll Science Complex, the Hagan Memorial Library, the Hutton School of Business, Archer Hall, Asher Hall, Gillespie Hall, Harth Hall, Moss Hall, Hutton Hall, Kleist Hall, Robinson-Cooke Hall.

General Supplies
Camera, portable stereo, sports equipment, backpack, zip-lock bags, Clorox wipes, batteries, trash bags, small shelves, flashlight, power strips

Health Care Products
Vitamins, pain relievers, Band-Aids

Laundry Supplies
The University of the Cumberlands provides washers and dryers for use by resident students free of charge. Students should still bring detergent, dryer sheets, laundry bag/basket, and a small iron.

Room Essentials
Decorations, clothes hangers, 2 sets of deep-pocket or xl twin sheets, towels, blankets, pillow, alarm clock, reading lamp (NOT HALOGEN), masking tape, Tupperware/ Rubbermaid containers (dishes & storage bins).

Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant, Shower Shoes, Hair Dryer, Shaving Supplies, Toothbrush & Paste, Floss, Robe and a Shower Caddy

Check with Roommate about Bringing:
Room Phone/Answering Machine, Microwave, DVD/Blue-ray Player, Trash Can, Refrigerator (no larger than 23 in. wide, 52 in. tall, 4.4 cubic feet total), TV (no more than 700 watts)

Personal Items