International Academic Services and the Intensive English Program

University of the Cumberlands only grants admission to students who seek to pursue a degree within the regular academic program of the university.  For international students with limited English skills, the Intensive English Program (IEP) within our International Academic Services provides an opportunity to make a successful transition into the undergraduate program at the university. 

The IEP is intensive in nature.  As such, it provides the student with the opportunity to enhance their English skills at an accelerated rate in small classes where instructors can give individualized feedback in the following five courses: Grammar, Writing, Reading and Vocabulary, Listening and Conversation, and Study Skills. Each of these courses is equivalent in credit hours to one course at the regular undergraduate level.

Students who enter the program at one of our two offered levels: intermediate or advanced, may need only one to two semesters of remedial coursework in the Intensive English Program before enrolling in regular undergraduate courses. Depending on the results of their program placement exams, students may only be required to enroll in selected IEP courses which are necessary to further develop certain skill areas while also enrolling in a limited number of courses at the regular undergraduate level.


Additional Academic Services

With our small size, we are also able to offer individualized English tutoring for any international students as needed. This may include: writing, reading, speaking, listening or general study skill needs.


Extracurricular Activities

In addition to in-class instruction each week, students will also have the opportunity to spend time in clubs, art, music or athletics, practice spoken English with friends, faculty and roommates, and attend various International Club and campus-wide events.

Students are encouraged to “learn by doing” and truly take advantage of this unique opportunity for English language learning at a safe, private university in the United States.



For further information please contact:

International Academic Services

Julie Deyrup, Director

(606) 539-3567