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Media Coverage Request Form

Please note the following:

  • Media Relations/Video Production requires a minimum two-week advance notice before an event. Events calling for pre-event publicity will require longer.

  • All coverage is subject to availability of student workers.

  • All scheduling will be confirmed by email.

  • All blanks in the General Information section must be completed.

  • Please complete all blanks in the Specific Requests section that apply to your event.


General information

Requestor Name:*
Phone No./Extension:*
Cell Phone Number*
Event Date :*
Event time:*
Location: *

Description of event :*

Additional Comments:

Services Requested


Pre-event News Release

Post-event News Release

General News Release (No coverage)


Sound* (In Gatliff Chapel or O. Wayne Rollins Center)



*For sound needs in buildings other than Gatliff or Rollins, self-contained lecterns are available from the library.

**Limited to special events; subject to staff and equipment availability


Specific Requirements

All News Releases

Chief point(s) to convey in release:


Who will be interviewed?

Biographical material about speaker or person to be interviewed and background information about the event/and or sponsor

Who is event sponsor if any?

Person at UC to contact for additional information

Which media outlets (newspapers, radio, tv, etc.) should receive release? Any specific outlets or city(ies)?

Sending digital photos:


Special requests, comments or clarification

Pre-event News Release

Admission charge? Amounts?

Special requests, comments or clarification

Photos *

Time photographer needed

Specific shots (head shots, group, etc.)

Special requests, comments or clarification

*Photos will be sent to requestor on cd for an additional fee of $1 per cd. See section below to order a photo cd.


How soon before event must equipment be set up?

Which Location?

O. Wayne Rollins Center

Gatliff Chapel


Where in the room will microphones be set up?

What type microphones? (wireless, hand-held, clip-on, etc.)

How many microphones?

Special requests, comments or clarification, i.e., PowerPoint, DVD (must provide own laptop)


Special requests, comments or clarification

Video Streaming – Live on the website

Yes No

Building where event will be held

**All events streamed LIVE will be archived and posted on the On Demand Channel on UC’s Website and may be uploaded to UC Media’s YouTube channel for advertising purposes if deemed appropriate by the UC Multimedia & Athletic Services Department. If you DO NOT want these posted, please do not ask for an event to be streamed LIVE.


Price List for DVD/CD Copies for Events

If you would like a copy of your pictures or an event on a DVD/CD, there will be a $1 internal purchase charge to your department’s account.  This covers the cost of the disk and ink used on the labels, if needed.  Charges will be applied at the beginning of each month.  **Please allow up to 2 weeks for copies of events and or/pictures if requested.


Yes, I would like a DVD/CD of photos of event.

Number requested: 

No, I do not need a copy of the photos from the event.


Yes, I would like a DVD of the video of event.

Number requested: 

No, I do not need a copy of the video from the event.