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Dr. Weaver Gives UC Students Learning Tools


Williamsburg, Ky. – Within the first two minutes of talking with Dr. Susan Weaver it is obvious that she cares deeply about the students here at University of the Cumberlands. Smiling brightly, she beams when asked what she loves most about her job.

“[I love] just watching the students sort out their lives. They go through so many different changes and issues. It’s nice to watch them work through their revolution. Everyone admitted here can do well but some struggle, and it is nice to give them tips and techniques on how to succeed,” Weaver said.

As the new director of teaching and learning, Dr. Weaver came to University of the Cumberlands to help the student body succeed academically. She works with students on an individual basis and in a series of workshops. Some individual topics are: time management, study strategies, motivation, testing issues and individual learning style analysis. In September and October her two workshops were “Study Strategies for Success” and “How to Ace Test (Strategies for educated guessing).” The upcoming workshop in November is over shortcuts to outlining papers and citing references.

Weaver gained her experience after teaching sociology for six years at Miami University and fourteen years at Marshall University and was inspired by Miami University’s active center for learning which had faculty-oriented programs. Besides her professional experience, Weaver also enjoyed watching and advising her own two children’s lives as they went through college and wanted to continue helping other college students.

Surprisingly the students have also taught Weaver a few things. Students often come to her with busy schedules looking for advice but manage to keep a positive attitude no matter how overwhelmed they are. She admires this characteristic and can use their influence and experience to help others.

Weaver hopes to see everyone do well in school. She wants students to get in touch with their learning styles and use them to be successful not only upon graduation but also in life.