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Brent Gambrell leads worship at Main Street Baptist Church


Williamsburg, Ky. – University of the Cumberlands (UC) partnered with Main Street Baptist Church (MSBC) in Williamsburg, Ky. to welcome Brent Gambrell, guest speaker, for a three night event, April 27-29, at Main Street Baptist for anyone who wanted to share in God’s love and word.

MSBC was full to capacity with UC students and Williamsburg locals to hear Gambrell preach about spreading Christ’s love to all. One of his messages taught that people will fall into sin and get stuck in a spiral of condemnation; however, Christ will always be accepting.

“Until you inhale the love of Christ, you can’t exhale it to others,” Gambrell said. “You aren’t made to hold your sin.”

Gambrell lingered on the topic of sinfulness, which affects everyone since it’s a human quality to make mistakes and turn from God and His love. Gambrell mentioned how no one is a true sinner because committing a sin doesn’t automatically make someone a sinner. He made a comparison with this by barking like a dog on stage. His meaning was that just because he was barking like a dog doesn’t make him a dog. He’s still a human because of his birth and when a person is born and baptized, they are reborn a saint in God’s eyes.

Soon, Gambrell transitioned into some Bible studies and focused on the story of the prodigal son. However, Gambrell explained that the father in the story is truly the prodigal one because of how easily he gives away his gifts to his sons, even though the younger son, the wayward son, doesn’t have a right to what he received. Then, Gambrell made the association between the father of the prodigal son and Christ.

“God gives us constant free gifts,” Gambrell said. “Everything you need for loving God has been placed in you at salvation.”

Gambrell concluded the premise of his speech by telling the crowd that they receive two things from God unconditionally: His forgiveness and His grace. According to Gambrell, God is the epitome of forgiveness and grace, for He forgave everyone even though they killed His son, Jesus Christ. He said it is up to the person whether they turn towards God and away from the spiral of condemnation and sin.

“The second you turn and face the Son, the shadow is behind you,” Gambrell said.

Gambrell opened himself up to the crowd and how he was once a sinner. Before 1990, Gambrell was consumed by a life of sins and bad decisions, but he turned himself to God and devoted his life to Him. Since 1990, Gambrell has been the president of the Brent Gambrell Ministries, a non-profit ministry, located in Nashville, Tenn. and has traveled the globe spreading his ministries.

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Article Provided by Amanda Kelly, UC Multimedia and Athletic Services Student Assistant