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Ed Newton speaks to UC students


Williamsburg, Ky. – The Gatliff Chapel at University of the Cumberlands (UC) was packed with students excited to hear from Ed Newton, a traveling evangelist, speak at United Campus Worship.

Newton told the story of the blind man (Mark 10:46-52) to relate to the students that they need to have a strong faith in God.

The blind man had reached a point where he was sick of being sick and just wanted someone to just speak to him. When Jesus did, he was overjoyed. Newton related this to how people desire to hear God’s voice because then they know that He’s there to help. To receive God’s help, people have to throw off everything that hinders them and put all of their faith and trust in God. The blind man did this by throwing his security blanket to the side and jumping up to walk to Jesus. Jesus heals souls through the faith that people have in him. After immediately being healed by his faith, the blind man followed Jesus. He followed him to the cross.

“God’s calling you out of your comfort zone and calling you to Him,” said Newton.

Another example, of making something worthy that is seemingly worthless, was told by Newton. A man bought an old, rusted motorcycle for $30 at a yard sale. When he sanded it down, he realized that it was a Harley Davidson. After he called about the serial number, the people at Harley Davidson instructed him to sand underneath the seat. As they expected, there engraved under the seat was “The King.” The motorcycle had belonged to Elvis and was worth $3000.

“Doesn’t matter what condition it’s in, it matters who it belongs to,” said Newton.

Newton asked the students if “The King” (Jesus’ name) had been engraved across their hearts. He told them that society says, “You’re worthless,” but Jesus says, “You’re worthy.” After all, He died for everyone.

The realization of Jesus dying for him came when Newton was in high school. Even though he grew up in a difficult life because he was an only child of two deaf parents and lived in poverty, Newton accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Through the Bible, Newton heard God’s call to ministry during his senior year of high school. He pursued his education at Clearwater Christian College, Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary, and Trinity Theological Seminary. Newton is married to his college sweetheart and they have four children together.

As well as being a traveling evangelist since 2003, Newton is also on the support staff of First Baptist Central Florida, the Executive director of the Lift Tour, and a teacher of Student Leadership University in Orlando, Florida.

“Meeting the people is the best part. It’s the people that make this exciting,” said Newton. “It’s not so much the destination as it is the journey.”

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Article Provided by Lydia Huggins, Multimedia and Athletic Services Department Student Assistant