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J.M. Boswell Art Gallery displays faculty art exhibits


Williamsburg, KY., - The talent at University of the Cumberlands (UC) does not stop at the students. Three of UC’s Art Department faculty members displayed their undying love and passion for art on October 15th as they presented the Faculty Art Exhibit in the J.M. Boswell Art Gallery located on UC’s campus. Students, faculty, staff, and community visited the gallery to admire the works of Russell Weedman, Geraldine Allen, and Michael Joyce.

As the son of an artist, Weedman inherited much of his father’s artistic talent and learned quite a bit from watching him hard at work. “Watching my father taught me a lot actually,” explained Weedman. “He opened up a new world for me and I find that to be important.”

Weedman’s collection consisted of various pieces of oil and acrylic paintings that captured the eye and triggered creativity. Weedman’s personal favorite in this particular collection was a piece he called, “Heliotaxis” which he completed this year. He used very neutral colors to allow the viewer to imagine their own image and colorful exasperations of the art. “Heliotaxis” is a painting that represents growth, decay, and movement and shows the way things react to the energy of the sun and Earth and the elements in the sky. “I chose to use muted colors for this painting because color is so strong and emotional,” said Weedman. “Fire-like colors would be way too much. This way, the viewer can see their own colors and they can complete the story in their own mind. I don’t like to spell it out for the viewers.”

The uncanny imagination did not end with Weedman though. Joyce displayed a stunning exhibit as he made a bold artistic move and covered the entire gallery floor with white Q-tips. In the center of the art gallery, he placed a mold made out of Q-tips on a pedestal that resembled that of a human fetus. His piece entitled, “Sarah’s Gift,” was one that captured several spectators’ attention in the gallery. “This piece was inspired by my wife when she was pregnant with our second child,” said Joyce. “She was told her whole life that she would never be able to bare children just like Sarah from the Bible. Both of them were not of prime age during childbirth. This exhibit shows the image of a woman, her female organs, pearls which represent the water breaking during child labor, and several other ideas that are supposed to trigger the viewer’s mind to be creative with their ideas as they view this piece.”

Like Weedman and Joyce, Geraldine Allen has done more in the last 18 years than simply teach art at UC. She has also been busy with her own personal art collection as one of her favorite pastimes. Her precise and detailed watercolor pieces and photographs are solid proof of her exquisite eye for art. One of her exhibits she called, “Tree Seasons” demonstrated the natural change nature endures as the seasons change. There were six photographs that pictured the same tree from her own backyard that were taken at different moments when nature altered its color and image. “Little Wolf”, an acrylic painting on canvas, was inspired by the same tree and landscaping behind Allen’s home. Her collection also included a few photographs. One photograph was taken in New Orleans, Louisiana at a Mardi Gras Warehouse. The uniqueness of the photograph was enough to grab viewer’s attention.

“I just truly enjoy art,” said Allen. “I am definitely inspired by nature. I love painting and photographing landscapes, flowers, and trees. As you can see in my watercolor piece titled, ‘Bolt’, I enjoy weather in nature too, such as the lightening. In this picture, I had seen a bolt of lightning that was beautiful that inspired me to do a watercolor painting. I added bright colors like red, pink, yellow, and blue to it mainly because I wanted it to be colorful and pretty. I really like the way it turned out too.”

The University of the Cumberlands is proud to showcase the outstanding talents of their faculty and invite others to be a witness to a mass amount of creativity and artistic ability that is available on campus. UC is honored to have such an amazing faculty in the Art Department teaching the artistic leaders of tomorrow.

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