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UC Students Serve with Beach Reach over Spring Break


Williamsburg, Ky. - On March 8 through March 16, six students from the University of the Cumberlands (UC) spent their entire spring break in God’s service. These dedicated students traveled to Panama City Beach, Florida to participate in a ministry called Beach Reach.

This team was led by UC student Casey Hamm (London, Ky.) and included UC students Milagros Zamora (Homestead, Fl.), Zac Kemp (Manchester, Ky.), Cedric Muteshi (Nairobi, Kenya), Christine Moon (Sardinia, Oh.), and Katie Reid (Chattanooga, Tenn.). While in Panama City, they provided free pancake breakfasts in the mornings and free van rides at night for college spring breakers who were mainly there to party. Once they were with the spring breakers, they would take that opportunity to share the gospel and tell them about Jesus Christ, their personal Lord and Savior. This was a challenging trip but it had its rewards.


“This trip changed my life in a lot of ways,” said team leader, Casey Hamm. “It’s mainly because I got to share a challenging experience with some close friends.”

This particular mission trip is more difficult to conquer due to the atmosphere. These UC students worked hard to reach everyone at the beach and tell them about God’s love in hopes of leading them to salvation. There were a couple of amazing things that happened during Beach Reach besides the team getting to meet with random groups of students and spread the gospel. A member of the UC mission team got baptized in the Gulf of Mexico. He had been a Christian for a while but had never followed through with baptism. He felt blessed and led to do so while in Panama City and shared his beautiful experience with his team.

The team also had the opportunity to lead two spring breakers to Christ on the last night they were there. It was an amazing encouragement for the group after a difficult week with limited positive response. Bringing anyone to Christ is considered a successful event and this team did just that.

“Christians are called to a higher calling than what most of us live,” explained Casey Hamm. “God has entrusted us with the message of the gospel and desires for His people to do anything and everything short of sin to get that message to people who have never heard it or never believed in it. That’s what we were seeking to do on this trip.”

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