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Psychology Department Teaches Study Techniques


Williamsburg, Ky. - On Monday, March 4th University of the Cumberlands (UC) Psychology Department professors, Dr. Eric Stephens and Dr. Haley Turner, addressed students regarding study techniques in a lecture entitled, “Don’t Study with Beyoncé.”

With such an unusual presentation title, students piled in to find out the answer. “Dr. Turner and I chose the title based upon one of the study hints we gave in the presentation,” said Dr. Stephens. “The hint was given in the context of minimizing distractions when you study. If you study with an attractive person, like Beyoncé’, your mind is likely to focus upon anatomy rather than the material you are studying.”

The lecture focused on study skills, time management techniques, and test anxiety. “Dr. Turner and I decided to conduct this convocation shortly after mid-term because of the timing of mid-term grades,” said Dr. Stephens. “Often mid-term grades are a tangible indicator to students that they need to sharpen their study skills.”

The study skills that were highlighted throughout this lecture were based on the acronym APPLE CORE. This includes actively processing information, predicting test questions, previewing information, listening actively, eliminating distractions, not cramming, obtaining help, repetition, and the belief that exams can be mastered.

“Students sometimes wonder when they should seek help and learn to strengthen their study skills,” said Dr. Turner, “If a student has a D or F at mid-term than they should seek help either from professors, the Academic Resource Center (ARC), text companion websites, upperclassman, or other resources.”

Also during the lecture Dr. Turner and Dr. Stephens addressed the issue of test anxiety which is simply a form of performance anxiety and when to get help. Some red flags that could be a sign you are suffering from test anxiety include physical symptoms, negative self-messages, avoidance, procrastination, overly high expectations, and ineffective study methods.

“I wasn’t even aware that I suffered from test anxiety until this lecture,” said UC student Erik Willis (Richmond, IN). “As Dr. Turner spoke I noticed more and more symptoms that indicated the test anxiety. I felt like I could relate to almost everything she spoke about.”

Throughout the lecture the importance of developing study skills and time management techniques was thoroughly stressed. “We firmly believe that study skills and time management skills are some of the most important skills learned during a college education. These skills are utilized throughout the rest of your life,” said Dr. Stephens.

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Article provided by Kayla Petit, University of the Cumberlands Multimedia & Athletic Services Student Assistant