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Math Contest Held at University of the Cumberlands

Williamsburg, Ky. - Students from eleven schools gathered at University of the Cumberlands on Wednesday, April 12, for the annual High School Mathematics Contest. The competition, sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and Physics, seeks to promote studies in these areas and to prepare students for careers in the fields of mathematics, physics, and engineering. Students competed in six areas of exams: algebra I, algebra II, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus and cooperative group.

This year's winners included:

Overall School Winners

· 1st - Scott County High School

· 2nd - Lexington Catholic High School

· 3rd - Corbin High School

Algebra I Exam

· 1st - Jesse Welch, Scott County High School

· 2nd - Josh Alaniz, Corbin High School

· 3rd - Josh Crawford, Corbin High School

· 4th - Cody Saylor, Bell County High School

· 5th - Donovan Kerns, Scott County High School

Algebra II Exam

· 1st - Wyatt Ubellacker

· 2nd - Ha-Reul Lee, Oneida Baptist Institute

· 3rd - James Rossi, Corbin High School

· 4th - Sophie Yurkoski, Lexington Catholic High School

· 5th - Ryan Gray, Whitley County High School


· 1st - Charlie Fieseler, Lexinton Catholic High School

· 2nd - Adam Tucker, Scott County High School

· 3rd - Kenneth Clark, Corbin High School

· 4th - Craig Roaden, Whitley County High School

· 5th - Whitley County High School


· 1st - Dong Kyum Kim, Oneida Baptist Institute

· 2nd - Kyle Creekmore, Whitley County High School

· 3rd - Bo Hao Li, Oneida Baptist Institute

· 4th - Will Schnurr, Lexington Catholic High School

· 5th - Andy Davis, Whitley County High School


· 1st - Lindsey Wilhelmus, Lexinton Catholic High School

· 2nd - Richard Mason, Bell County High School

· 3rd - Yuji Yokoi, Sayre School

· 4th - Nathan Phares, Scott County High School

· 5th - Trevor Clark, Lexinton Catholic High School

Cooperative Group Exam

· 1st - Evan Loxley, Hannah Ross, Katherine Carter and Nick Kurkjy; Lexington Catholic High School

· 2nd - Edouard Bahous, Jamie Hofmeister, Jordan Barnhill and Liz Youngblood; Sayre High School

· 3rd - Alex Halbleib, Deron Higgins, Megan Taylor and Sarah Pennington; Corbin High School

· 4th - Curt Lawson, Josh Schmeling, Kevin Jones and T.J. Atkins; Whitley County High School

· 5th - Burmaa Myagmarjav, Kang-Hyeong Lee, Shin-Young Quak and Tsetsenbileg Zoright; Oneida Baptist Institute

University of the Cumberlands would like to congratulate all the winners and participants of this year's High School Mathematics Contest.