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Cumberlands Students’ Receive High Honor

Williamsburg, Ky. – One hundred and two students were named students of High Honor during the 53rd annual Honors Day convocation at the University of the Cumberlands on Monday, April 23rd. Students recognized for High Honor must have attained a minimum of 3.85 cumulative GPA.

Hannah Adkisson, Early Elementary Education, Junior - Brodhead, Ky.,

Kelly Allen, Communication Arts, Junior – Barbourville, Ky.,

Luke Atkeson, Business, Freshman – Galena, Oh.,

Terra Baker, Chemistry, Sophomore – London, Ky.,

Brandy Balkenbusch, Biology, Senior – Pocahontas, Il.,

Bethany Bargo, Mathematics, Sophomore – Barbourville, Ky.,

Zachary Barkett, Business, Senior – Woodbridge, Va.,

Natalie Baugh, Art Education, Senior – London, Ky.,

Allyson Blessman, Political Science, Senior – Walsenburg, Co.,

Steven Blevins, Business, Senior – Louisa, Ky.,

Elizabeth Braden, Mathematics, Senior – Powell, Tn.,

Lauren Bradley, Psychology, Junior – Elizabethtown, Ky.,

Lauren Branstutter, Biology, Senior – Union, Ky.,

James Brock, Accounting, Senior – London, Ky.,

Laura Brock, Accounting, Junior – London, Ky.,

Don Butcher, Chemistry, Freshman – Williamsburg, Ky.,

Hae In Cha, Spanish Education, Senior – Montevideo, Uruguay.,

Cory Clark, Biology, Freshman – Seymour, Tn.,

Rachel Cook, Accounting, Freshman – Stanford, Ky.,

Ashley Cupp, Early Elementary Education, Junior – Corbin, Ky.,

Andre de Souza, Business, Freshman – Itabira, Brazil,

Sarah Denison, English, Senior – Shepherdsville, Ky.,

Megan Donahue, English/Secondary Education, Senior – Harlan, Ky.,

Lawrence Drahman, Accounting, Sophomore – Noblesville, In.,

Abigail Dundon, Accounting, Sophomore – Lexington, Ky.,

Kathleen Edwards, Early Elementary Education, Senior – Calhoun, Ga.,

Sarah England, Biology, Junior – Versailles, Ky.,

Callie Ethington, Spanish, Junior – Bardstown, Ky.,

Donovan Feenstra, Business, Sophomore – Calgary, Canada,

Courtney Fields, Human Services, Sophomore – Corbin, Ky.,

Monica Fields, English, Senior – Corbin, Ky.,

Matthew Frye, Religion/Missions & Ministry, Freshman – Louisville, Ky.,

Jennifer Fuson, Business/Early Elementary Education, Senior – Frakes, Ky.,

Brittany Grega, Biology, Freshman – Corbin, Ky.,

Jordyne Gunthert, Communication/Theatre Arts, Senior – Williamsburg, Ky.,

Cheryl Guthrie, Business, Junior – Oak Ridge, Tn.,

Rachel Hampton, Early Elementary Education, Freshman – Hopkinsville, Ky.,

Samantha Hays, Biology, Senior – Tyner, Ky.,

Tyler Hester, Psychology, Sophomore – Munfordville, Ky.,

Caleb Hetrick, Business/Communication Arts, Senior – Richmond, Ky.,

Rufus Higgins, Mathematics, Senior – Corbin, Ky.,

Brittany Holliman, Biology, Junior – East Point, Ky.,

Angeline Hood, Human Services/Psychology, Junior – Crab Orchard, Ky.,

Elizabeth Horn, Art Education, Sophomore – Wheat Ridge, Co.,

Samuel Huntley, Biology, Sophomore – Littleton, Co.,

Sheena Jackson, Chemistry/Secondary Education, Junior – Manchester, Ky.,

Bryan Jarboe, Criminal Justice, Junior – Williamsburg, Ky.,

Caroline Johnson, Chemistry, Sophomore – Morganfield, Ky.,

Jefferson Jones, Psychology, Senior – Robbins, Tn.,

Sarah Kamalian, Middle School Education, Senior -

Bradley Karr, Mathematics, Sophomore – Lily, Ky.,

Megan Keathley, Criminal Justice, Sophomore

Emily Kerber, Biology/Psychology, Senior – Lima, Oh.,

Cody Kirby, Criminal Justice, Senior – London, Ky.,

Michelle Kroger, Music Education, Senior – Fort Mitchell, Ky.,

Dustin Lakins, Business, Senior – Tazwell, Tn.,

Adam Lawson, Biology, Junior – Corbin, Ky.,

Chad Lawson, Religion/Mgt. Info Systems, Sophomore – Big Creek, Ky.,

Mary Lee, Early Elementary Education, Junior – Wallins, Ky.,

Matthew Maher, Accounting/Mathematics, Freshman – Corbin, Ky.,

William Marshall, Business, Senior – Lynch, Ky.,

Mitchell Mascaro, Chemistry, Sophomore – Knoxville, Tn.,

Darcy Mascotti, Biology, Senior – Bellbrook, Oh.,

Taylor Mayes, Biology, Freshman – Knoxville, Tn.,

Natalia McClellan, Mathematics, Senior – Williamsburg, Ky.,

Rebecca McKinney, Middle School Education, Freshman – Williamsburg, Ky.,

Nicholas Morris, Psychology, Sophomore – Harlan, Ky.,

Rebecca Moses, Middle School Education, Senior – Williamsburg, Ky.,

Cedric Muteshi, Biology, Junior – Nairobi, Kenya,

Jerrid Randall Neeley, Chemistry, Senior – Annville, Ky.,

Patrick Parten, Biology, Sophomore – Powell, Tn.,

Wesley Phelps, Business, Senior – Georgetown, Ky.,

McKinzie Price, Business, Junior – Somerset, Ky.,

Paul Pryor, Biology/Chemistry, Senior – Evarts, Ky.,

Morgan Reed, Political Science, Freshman – Stanford, Ky.,

Kallye Renner, Mathematics/Psychology, Senior – Cincinnati, Oh.,

Logan Reynolds, Music Education, Freshman – Corbin, Ky.,

Samantha Robb, Music Education, Senior – Louisville, Ky.,

Amy Roberts, Mathematics, Senior – Winchester, Ky.,

Kimberly Robinson, Biology, Freshman – Berea, Ky.,

Amanda Sickman, Social Studies, Senior – Owensboro, Ky.,

Jonathan Smith, Biology, Freshman – Central City, Ky.,

Kirby Sowder, Early Elementary Education, Senior – Lexington, Ky.,

Gabrielle Spencer, Biology, Junior – Hazard, Ky.,

Rachelle Spurlock, Exercise Science, Junior – Dayton, Oh.,

Joseph Stepp, Accounting, Senior - Pippa Passes, Ky.,

Paul Stepp, Business, Senior – Corbin, Ky.,

Brittney Strunk, Biology, Senior – Pine Knot, Ky.,

David Summerall, Criminal Justice, Senior – Davidsonville, Md.,

Sarah Sutherland, Biology, Senior – London, Ky.,

Andrew David Tarrence, Chemistry, Freshman – Bowling Green, Ky.,

Shonda Tharpe, Public Health/Religion, Senior – Williamsburg, Ky.,

John Troxell, Business, Freshman – Oneida, Tn.,

Kendra Troxtel, Accounting, Sophomore – Somerset, Ky.,

Kyra Tucker, Early Elementary Education, Sophomore – Nancy, Ky.,

Amy Vann, Public Health, Senior – Corbin, Ky.,

Marc Webb, Communication Arts, Senior – Shelbyville, Ky.,

William West, Art Education, Junior - Williamsburg, Ky.,

Deborah Wilkerson, Mathematics, Freshman – Berea, Ky.,

Jada Wilson, Undecided, Freshman – Winfield, Tn.,

Ethan Worley, Undecided, Freshman – London, Ky.,

Tanner Yankey, Religion/Missions & Ministry, Sophomore – Lawrenceburg, Ky.

Located in Williamsburg, Ky., University of the Cumberlands is an institution of regional distinction, which currently offers four undergraduate degrees in more than 40 major fields of study; nine pre-professional programs; seven graduate degrees, including a doctorate and six master’s degrees; certifications in education; and online programs.