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UC Professor's Book to be Published in 2012


Williamsburg, Ky.- Barry A. Vann (Corbin, KY), a professor of geography and higher education at University of the Cumberlands (UC), will have his most recent book entitled “The Forces of Nature- Our Quest to Conquer the Planet” published and on the shelves by the summer of 2012.

As long as the human species has existed, men and women have had to contend with the unpredictable forces of nature. Dr. Vann brings a unique perspective to this age-old struggle in this illuminating overview of human population shifts and their relationships with climate change and geography.

Vann takes the reader on a journey along the migration routes of the earliest modern humans and tells why our ancestors chose to settle down in places that can best be described as natural utopias.

Vann shows how the ancient texts of the Bible offer glimpses of past climates that were distinctly different from the climate of our time. He also discusses the rise of technology as a means of controlling the threatening features of the natural world.

Finally, he considers current anxieties in regard to global warming. He points out that this focus has obscured a good deal of historic and geological evidence for a return of another ice age.

The Forces of Nature offers a challenging perspective on the balance between fragile human communities and their often-threatening environments. “This is my seventh book,” said Vann. “Number six just hit the shelves.”

Dr. Vann’s other published books include: Puritan Islam: The Geoexpansion of the Muslim World; Rediscovering the South’s Celtic Heritage; In Search of Ulster Scots Land: The Birth and Geotheological Imagings of a Transatlantic People; and (with Ellsworth Huntington) Geography Toward History: Studies in the Mediterranean Basin and Mesopotamia.

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Article Provided by Hannah Taylor, University of the Cumberlands Multimedia and Athletic Services Student Assistant