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Campus Profile Questionnaire

Position Title or School Classification
Years attending/working for UC
Team (athletes only):
Position (athletes - if applicable):
What are some of your hobbies?
What are some interesting facts that nobody knows about you?
Why did you choose UC for college or as an employer?
What teams / organizations / clubs / events / etc. are you involved with on campus?
What have you gained from your time at UC?
If Cumberlands was to erect a statue of you on campus, what would you be doing and where would it be placed?
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
[Faculty/Staff/Alumni] What did you study in college? And what teams/organizations/clubs/events/etc. were you involved in during your collegiate years?
What is your most proud moment in life?
If you could share one piece of advice to a graduating senior, what would it be?
In the event that Hollywood makes a movie based on your life, whom would you choose to be the actor/actress to play you and why?
If you were to work in another profession than you currently do (or a different major to study), what would it be?