SGS North America

Position  INSPECTOR - Cargo - GIS
Requirements  Educational and Professional qualifications: - The ideal candidate should have an inspection, surveying, quality assurance, freight forwarding or customs background - High school education or GED
Responsibilities  Primary Responsibilities - Perform government mandated pre-shipment inspections to assist in determination of the fair market value of export goods - Observance of inspectors’ manual (handout) and IJO for inspection execution. - Reporting of inspection results according to standard GIS Inspection Report form. - On time submission of inspection report to GIS IC office, according to deadlines provided - Reporting to Inspection Coordinator of any risky information detected by during inspection process, according to risk detection guidance provided by IC management.....
Evansville, KY 40201
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Website http://jobs.sgsna.com/job/Evansville-INSPECTOR-Cargo-GIS-Evansville-Job-KY-40201/2354907/?feedId=40& 
Other Information To apply, visit link provided.