First Baptist Church

Position  Part time Youth Director
Requirements  This person must: •Give solid testimony to the saving grace of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. •Called of God to serve in this capacity. •Meet all the moral and family qualifications as set forth in scripture. •Must successfully pass a background check. •Must be a member in good standing of First Baptist Church, Danville, KY. •Be a good steward of self’s income accepting the tithe as a minimum. •Fully embrace, without mental reservation, the doctrinal and theological beliefs expressed in the Constitution and By-laws of First Baptist Church and the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. Must be committed to the Southern Baptist Convention causes. •Have a track record of active involvement in a local Body of Believers of like faith and message. •Be able to work under the supervision of the Senior Pastor, being accountable to him, and be a team player. •Be a spiritual leader. •Be flexible, teachable and be a servant. •Dress appropriately; neatly and discreetly.
Responsibilities  1.Organize aspects of youth ministry. 2.Lead youth in mission projects and missions education. 3.Lead youth and youth programs in a Biblical, Christ-like example. 4.Organize and lead summer youth camp. 5.Spend quality time with youth outside of church time, mentoring them in the ways of Christ. 6.Work a minimum of 20 hours per week in youth related ministry. 7.Share gospel with lost youth/students and lost parents on an ongoing basis, both individually and collectively. 8.Help the pastor build unity in the body of Christ. 9.Participate in Church Council meetings. 10.Participate in church staff meetings as much as possible. 11.Prepare an annual budget recommendation to the finance committee. 12.Assist nominating committee in recruiting and enlisting needed workers for Sunday School, Discipleship Training and Youth Council. 13.Keep inventory and maintain light and sound equipment in the youth room. 14.Proficient with computer and Microsoft programs and willing to teach others when requested. 15.Organize monthly Youth Council meetings.
Contact: Colleen Morrison
First Baptist, 1570 North Danville Bypass, Danville, KY 40422
Phone Number 859-236-2276 
Email colleen@fbcdanville.org 
Fax 859-236-6804 
Other Information The job and the description will be reevaluated nine months from hiring. Youth Issues and Recommendations 1. Keep parents of youth informed and involved in youth programs. 2. Encourage the older youth to share experiences in order to help, not hind