People Recruit

Position  Teaching English in South Korea
Requirements  After finishing one year of teaching, our clients receive a bonus of one month’s pay. We initially work with to answer their many questions about living and working in South Korea and find a position that suits their personal needs. We then guide our clients through the process of interviewing with employers and obtaining a Visa. We mail airplane tickets to our clients ‘ home and pick them up at the airport. Once in Korea, our clients may call or stop by our office at any time with questions about living here.
Responsibilities  We find employment for US residents who wish to teach English in South Korea. Our positions carry the following benefis: -Salary : approximately US $1,700- 2,000 per month, depending on the exchange rate. -Free studio apartment -Cheap, superb health insurance -Paid round trip airfare visit our website www.peoplerecruit.com for a more detailed account of our company. OR they may simply email any questions to people@peoplerecruit.com.
Contact: Wonny Hwang, People Recruit
Phone Number (051)644-8906 / 8907 
Email mailto:people@peoplerecruit.com 
Website http://www.peoplerecruit.com/ 
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