Position  Internship Opportunity/ or Temporary Job Opportunity
Requirements  Perspective applicant should have or be pursuing an academic degree in education, natural resources, interpretation, forestry, wildlife, recreation, park administration, biological sciences, environmental education, leisure studies, youth development, or other related majors. Having experience in outdoor education, interpretive programs, camping experience is helpful. Individual should be interested in working with children in the area of youth development. Person should be a good communicator, creative, have leadership skills, and the ability to work cooperatively and supportively with others. If this position is filled by a college intern, he/she should establish an advisor from the student’s attending college or university, as well as learn the requirements for pursuing credit for the internship. The 4-H Environmental Educator immediate supervisor will be a full time University of Kentucky employee, the on-site Environmental Education Camping Program Director. $700.00 per month plus free room and board. The positions are offered in the spring and in the fall. Spring season usually starts the last week or two of March and lasts till the last week of May. Fall season is usually the last week of August until the first or second week of November. This position is 5 days a week, weekends are not work days.
Responsibilities  The 4-H Environmental Educator will be actively involved in teaching classes to school aged children in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. The 4-H Environmental Educator will be involved in social interactions with youth in a variety of ways, such as; night hikes, recreational games, campfires, during meals, and other evening activities which convey to children the value of our natural environment. Person should be a good role model for youth. The 4-H Environmental Educator will select an environmental project approved by their on-site supervisor and UK Environmental Education Camping Program which is an area of interest to the individual. They will conduct research and develop the project into a written plan. The 4-H Environmental Educator will develop, write and type an activity in the form of a lesson plan accompanied by supporting teaching resources, which will be left at the site and would enable any future instructor to be able to pick up the plan and teach it. If the plan involves teaching in the outdoors, a rainy day plan should accompany it. The lesson plan and supporting teaching materials should be hands-on rather than traditional classroom lecture instruction, and should relate to the setting or the environment in some way. The 4-H Environmental Educator can design and build teaching resources related to the approved project that will be left at the site that will be utilized by future program participants. The 4-H Environmental Educator can develop on-site facilities in the approved project area that will enhance a hands-on learning opportunity for school-aged children. Examples might be creating habitat, nesting areas, trail layouts, water quality sites, forest research plots, wildflower identification plantings, composting, herb gardens, wildlife gardens, geology sites, historical study areas, geology sites, geographic mapping, compass or GPS unit courses, habitat restoration, etc. Please send a letter of interest, and a current resume, with the names, addresses, phone number or email of three references
Contact: Jennifer Lynn, North Central 4-H Center
Carlisle, Kentucky 40311
Phone Number 859-289-5308 
Email jlynn@uky.edu 
Fax 859-289-2098 
Other Information Please send a letter of interest, and a current resume, with the names, addresses, phone number or email of three references