The Father's Ranch Ministries

Position  Intern Ministry
Requirements  Interns are not necessarily dynamic and gregarious individuals, and they are not necessarily Bible scholars or trained counselors. Interns do receive some intensive training at the start of their service commitment, and they continue to receive in-service training. However, the following characteristics are required in order to serve in an Intern capacity: • A strong commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as demonstrated through a victorious Christian walk. • A solid foundation in Biblical truth and personal application of God's Word in your daily life. • Regular attendance and fellowship in a New Testament church. • A burden for ministering to troubled young adults and a willingness to serve them and the Lord in a self-less, full-time capacity. • The ability to initiate and build relationships, and the ability to confront, encourage and admonish students in Christ-like love.
Responsibilities  Interns help to provide care and guidance to troubled young adults and teens (called students) in The Father’s Ranch Ministries’ residential community setting. Interns often receive practical and academic training while ministering to the hurting. They serve, not by their own strength or character, but by the power of Jesus Christ working through them. Role modeling and sharing God's love and power through the work of the Holy Spirit are vital aspects in the healing process of The Father’s Ranch’ students. Interns live in community with their students, building relationships while participating in daily activities such as class, worship, work and recreation. Internship is a 24-hour, residential position that allows for minimal time off (one evening per week and every other weekend.) Interns make a voluntary commitment to serve for 3, 6, or 12 month periods. It is a time of testing and purifying, a time where God's faithfulness and comfort are experienced in a real and life-changing way. It is a time of growth and maturing. It is a time when God shows His overwhelming strength in weakness.
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Other Information Please submit a detailed letter of interest along with a current resume