Pepsi Bottling Company

Position  Delivery-Route Sales
Requirements  BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: ▫ 21 years or older ▫ Pass the Drug Test ▫ Pass the background check ▫ Pass the validated Selection Test HELPFUL EXPERIENCE: ▫ Working for a retail business or grocery store (for example, understanding store operations, knowledge of backroom/inventory, or stocking aisles and shelves) ▫ Making sales calls and selling products (for example, introducing new products, launching promotions, establishing new points of distribution in existing accounts, or making deals) ▫ Operating trucks requiring a CDL license (for example, performing basic functions like driving forwards, driving backwards, or maneuvering in tight spaces) ▫ Performing basic financial calculations (for example, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and calculating profit percent, cost, margin, etc.)
Responsibilities  Sells and delivers product to stores over an established route to regular customers, including Convenience and Gas stores, small supermarkets, drug stores, etc. Drives a delivery bay vehicle and brings product into the store as it is sold. Responsible for product rotation and stocking on store shelves, displays, and in coolers/vending equipment. Builds small displays and sets up promotional materials such as pricing signs and banners. Generate invoices. Responsible for daily settlement of cash and charges. Places future orders for the next scheduled stop at each account. Has frequent interaction with store management. This position requires pushing/pulling cases ranging from 20 – 45 pounds repeatedly throughout the day as well as kneeling, climbing, bending, reaching and walking while delivering and stocking the product. PRIMARY ACCOUTABILITIES ▫ Sell and execute all promotions ▫ Service all scheduled customers by the end of shift ▫ Deliver product to store ▫ Merchandise all accounts to local standards ▫ Establish positive working relationships with primary contact at each account
KY, Hazard
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