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PASS 100

An important component of the UC PREP program is the Patriot Achievement Support Seminar (PASS) series.  PASS 100 blends components of the Major and Faith Development strands of the Convocation series with select seminars on College Survival Skills.

As a part of PASS 100, you must attend

PASS 100 Fall 2014 Schedule

  • Fall 2014 course schedule

    • Remember you must have two (2) Major, two (2) Faith Development, and (4) College Survival skill sessions.

    • To ensure the sessions are interactive, the College Survival Skill Session can only accommodate 50 students.  As a result, please pick up your ticket at least 24 hours in advance of the session in Student Services.

Attendance for the PASS 100 series is maintained in Student Services.  For questions regarding your attendance, please check your MYUC account or stop by Student Services for assistance. 

For more information about the PASS 100 series, please contact the UC PREP program chairs.

Dr. Emily Coleman
Student Success Coordinator

Dr. Michelle Dykes-Anderson
Student Success Coordinator

Dr. Tom Fish
Dean of Undergraduate Studies