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Admitted Student Information

Admitted Student Information

Congratulations! Now that you have been accepted for admission, take a few moments to look over this checklist of things that you will need to do to finalize your enrollment and ensure your spot as a UC student.

Follow These Steps For A Smooth Transition:

  1. Create your “VIP (Very Important Person) Page by clicking here.
  1. Set up your computer account. To open your account, you will need your University ID number. (You will find this number by your name in your acceptance letter.)  Your Computer Network account will grant you access to Patriot WebMail and to MyUC – Cumberlands’ online portal.  Your MyUC portal will allow you to view information such as your application status, a checklist, financial aid information, etc.

    To set up your account, you will complete an information form.  In the space on the form that indicates “Last 4 digits of SSN,” you should place the last 4 numbers of your student ID number.  To complete your account set up, click here.   (If you have any difficulty with this process, contact the Office of International Relations)
  1. Apply for housing. An online housing application is available here. It is important to complete your housing or housing exemption application as soon as possible.
  1. Submit your Student Health Information Form. All new students must complete the immunization/health information form as soon as possible after being admitted.  The online Health Information Form is available here.
  1. Make application for your F-1 Student Visa.  You will need to secure an I-20 form from the Office of International Relations to use as you make application for your student visa. You should apply for your visa as soon as possible to make sure you can meet the required arrival date.

    You must pay the full balance due for the first semester of classes before an I-20 form will be issued.  To see instructions for making advance payments, click here. Once your payment of university fees is received, your I-20 will be sent to your mailing address by international courier.

    Please note that advance payment is required for each semester of enrollment as part of the registration process.  Students will not be permitted access to their classes unless they have made payment for the semester.

    When you receive your I-20 you will need to schedule an appointment with the Visa Consular’s Office at the U.S. Embassy in your home country nearest to you.  Prior to your visa appointment, you will need to pay your SEVIS I-901 fee.  You will need to take a printed receipt for this payment with you to your visa appointment.  For more information on the SEVIS I-901 fee, click here.
  1. Make your travel arrangements. University of the Cumberlands is located in Williamsburg, Kentucky.  Williamsburg is centrally located between Lexington, Kentucky (2 hours from campus) and Knoxville, Tennessee (1½ hours from campus).  

    Free transportation is provided to campus from the McGee-Tyson Airport in Knoxville, Tennessee, according to the university’s airport shuttle schedule.  The university does not offer shuttle service to any other airports or on any dates or times listed on the airport shuttle schedule.  You should complete your airport shuttle reservation at least 1 week prior to your arrival.

    Please note: It is best to re-confirm the shuttle arrangements once you arrive in the U.S., while you are awaiting your connecting flight to your final destination. This will be helpful in the event that the flight is delayed due to weather conditions or for any other reason. Once your shuttle is arranged, the shuttle service is committed to meet you at the airport regardless of any changes that may occur to your travel plans which are beyond your control.  If there are changes to your flight arrangements, please contact us as soon as possible.

    If you will be participating on an athletic team, be sure to communicate with your coach before making your flight arrangements. Student athletes who participate in fall sports are often required to arrive on campus for summer practice sessions a few weeks prior to the beginning of the school semester.

    For other transportation needs: since Williamsburg is a small city are there are not any forms of public transportation provided within the city, the university recommends that students utilize the services of Venture Cab, Inc.  This taxi company provides transportation services for students at a discounted rate for UC students.  Venture is fully licensed and insured.

    *The cost for this service is the amount charged for up to 6 passengers going to the same location and may be shared among all passengers. Payment must be made in US Dollars or Travelers Checks. (Cost may be subject to change.  Contact Venture Cab for current rates.)

    Venture Cab can also pick students up from the Greyhound Bus Terminal in London, Kentucky (Contact Venture Cab for cost) and from any of the following airport locations:

    McGee-Tyson Airport, (TYS) – Knoxville, Tennessee
    Distance from campus: approx 1¼ hours *Cost: $110

    Bluegrass Airport, (LEX) - Lexington, Kentucky
    Distance from Campus: approx 1¾ hours *Cost: $140

    Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) – Covington, Kentucky
    Distance from campus: approx 2½ hours *Cost: $265   (While this may seem expensive, it is much cheaper than the cost of airfare to Lexington or Knoxville, especially when shared with other students.)

    Louisville International – Standiford Field (SDF) – Louisville, Kentucky
    Distance from Campus: approx 2½ hours *Cost: $265   (While this may seem expensive, it is much cheaper than the cost of airfare to Lexington or Knoxville, especially when shared with other students.)