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Military Science

The mission of the Military Science Department of UC is to commission Lieutenants in the US Army. In the process of earning the commission a student will earn a minor in Military Science. The UC awards five credit hours each for Basic Training, Basic  Camp (LTC), and Advance Camp (LDAC).


What Can I Do With This Degree?

This degree and commissioning prepares you for your future as an Army Lieutenant and as a leader of men and women. The applications of your lessons learned are never more evident as you take command of your platoon and accomplish great and challenging tasks with the Army. You will have the opportunity to travel the world in training and application of your Army Career.  For your long range future, this will greatly prepare you for roles as executives and leaders of Fortune 500 type companies.


Contact Us

eddie [dot] simpson [at] ucumberlands [dot] edu (Email)
Phone: 606-539-4057

Top Ten Reasons to Choose UC

one Establishing the next generation of the program
two Create leadership opportunities for yourself
three One on one education with instructor
four Opportunities for Airborne and Air Assault schools
five Paintball club and training conducted with paintball
six Develop a great Physical Fitness program and mindset
seven Learn and execute mental toughness through the exercise program of Crossfit
eight Small town feel with Army standards
nine Small classroom instructions
ten Multiple opportunities for hands-on experience.