University of the Cumberlands encourages students who are preparing for full-time Christian service. We recognize that full-time Christian service includes serving in the local church and in missions, but we also recognize that Christian service goes well beyond these areas of ministry. Churches and denominations need people well-versed in many academic disciplines. The University’s broad-based general education curriculum combined with study in a major field provides excellent preparation for effective ministry in the future. In addition, the curricula of the Department of Missions and Ministry provides several tracks that enable students to develop their interests in particular areas of ministry and religious vocation.

At a minimum, the following courses are recommended for those students wishing to enter seminary following graduation:

    • RELG 133 Church History
    • RELG 135 Old Testament Survey
    • RELG 136 New Testament Survey
    • RELG 234 Interpreting the Bible
    • RELG 236 Introduction to Theology
    • RELG 331 Advanced Study of the Old Testament
    • RELG 332 Advanced Study of the New Testament
    • RELG 339 World Religions
Bachelor of Science in Religion - Christian Ministries Track

Pre-Prof: Christian Ministries Curriculum

Bachelor of Science in Religion - Youth Ministries Track

Pre-Prof: Youth Ministries

Required Core Courses (25 hours)

Choose 1 of the following courses (0 hours)

Choose 2 of the following courses (6 hours)

    • MSMN100 level course(s)
    • MSMN200 level course(s)
    • MSMN300 level course(s)
    • MSMN400 level course(s)