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Degree Requirements


REQUIREMENTS-- 53 semester hours as follows:

Required Biology Courses: (17 hours)

    • BIOL 133 Introduction to Population Biology
    • BIOL 113 Introduction to Population Biology Laboratory
    • BIOL 134 Introduction to Cellular Biology
    • BIOL 114 Introduction to Cellular Biology Laboratory
    • BIOL 246 Biodiversity
    • BIOL 340 Genetics
    • BIOL 495 Senior Seminar
      BIOL 498 Senior Thesis

Required Allied Math and Science Courses: (11 hours)

  • MATH 132 College Algebra (or higher math course)
  • CHEM 132 General College Chemistry I
  • CHEM 111 General College Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CHEM 232 General College Chemistry II
  • CHEM 211 General College Chemistry Laboratory II

Additional Allied Math and Science Courses selected from the following: (7 hours)

  • PHYS 241 Physics I
  • PHYS 242 Physics II
  • PHYS 137 Physical Science
  • PHYS 117 Physical Science Lab
  • BIOL 231 Environmental Science

Elective Courses -- a total of 18 hours at the 300- and 400-level completing the Pre-Physician Assistant Curriculum

Students planning to apply to the University’s Physician Assistant program should follow the pre-professional program of studies outlined below. The courses marked with an asterisk (*) are core science courses in the curriculum. These core courses total fifty-seven credit hours. Three of these core courses, marked with a plus (+), combine with the other non-core classes listed below to fulfill the forty-seven credit hours required in the General Education curriculum for undergraduates at University of the Cumberlands.  To complete the Pre-PA curriculum within three years, entering students must have an ACT score in mathematics of at least a 23 or must have already completed a college algebra course. These are prerequisites for General Chemistry I (CHEM 232/111), which is taken during the first semester of the pre-PA curriculum.

Application for the Professional Physician Assistant Program is made during the third year of studies. Completion of the Pre-PA curriculum below does not ensure acceptance into the Professional phase of the Physician Assistant program. For more information on the application process and PA program requirements, students should consult with their biology advisor or with the Director of the PA program. Students who complete the Pre-Professional PA curriculum but do not continue on to the Professional phase of the PA program will need nine hours of biology, five hours of chemistry and sixteen hours of electives to complete a major in biology.  Or they can complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Independent Directions with a focus on applied health sciences. A third alternative is to complete a Bachelor of General Studies degree.

Semester One (Fall 1st Year): 15 hours
*+Population Biology 3 hours plus 1 hr. lab
*+General Chemistry I 3 hours plus 1 hr. lab
Freshman Comp. I 3 hours
Religion course3 hours
Convocation 0.5 hours
INSIGHTS 0.5 hours

Semester Two (Spring 1st Year): 16.5 hours.
*Cellular Biology 3 hours plus 1 hr. lab
*General Chemistry II 3 hours plus 1 hr. lab
Freshman Comp. II 3 hours
Religion course 3 hours
*Medical Terminology 2 hours
Convocation 0.5 hours

Semester Three (Fall 2nd Year): 17 hours
*Organic Chemistry I 3 hours plus 1 hr. lab
Psychology 3 hours
*Microbiology 4 hours
*Genetics 4 hours
Convocation 0.5 hours
Leadership 0.5 hours
PE equivalent 1 hour

Semester Four (Spring 2nd Year): 17.5 hours
*Physics I 4 hours
*Human Anatomy 4 hours
History course 3 hours
Sociology 3 hours
*+College Algebra 3 hours
Convocation 0.5 hours

Semester Five (Fall 3rd year): 17.5 hours
*Histology 4 hours
or Biochemistry 4 hours
Health and Wellness 3 hours
Literature course 3 hours
Art/Culture/Aesthetics 3 hours
Convocation 0.5 hours

Semester Six (Spring 3rd year): 14.5 hours
Art/Culture/Aesthetics 3 hours
*Biodiversity 4 hours
*Physiology 4 hours
History course 3 hours
Convocation 0.5 hours