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Dr. Melissa R. Gibson
Associate Professor of Education

M. Gibson

Background: I was born in Kentucky, mostly schooled in Kentucky, and have taught in Kentucky all but four years of my 36 years of teaching and library work. My children went to school mostly in Kentucky and I have a granddaughter who will go to school in Kentucky in 2 more years. I have a stake in the future of Kentucky!

Degrees and Certifications: Ever since I came home from 1st grade to teach my brother and sister how to write their letters I have either gone to school or taught school. I guess I must love it! I have an undergraduate music major and math minor from Eastern Kentucky University, a masters degree in Education from Union College (Barbourville) and a masters in library and information science from the University of Kentucky, and my doctorate from the University of Kentucky (Ed.D, Instructional Design, 2002). But my first degree was my MRS on May 20, 1974, awarded by my husband, Gary Gibson.

Research Interests: My doctoral research basically revolved around information literacy. I created a web-based technology tool, the Research Buddy, and observed how 5th graders used it to find, evaluate, and use information. I am still interested in that, but since beginning to teach college I have been an avid reader of classroom management and best practices literature, and have had a lot of fun sharing that information in my courses. I love technology and am constantly looking for and trying new ways of using technology in my own teaching to make learning more interesting and therefore more effective.


General Information:

Office: #120 Andersen Building
Phone: (606) 539-4302 [On-Campus: -4302]
Fax: (606) 539-4014
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