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JOUR 130. Introduction to Journalism and Public Relations
This course provides students with an introduction to career opportunities in the field of journalism. Discussions of various professions in journalism and public relations, career paths, and required skills. Skills discussed include: writing for print and electronic media under deadline, information gathering, interviewing, and editing.  Credit, 3 hours.  Offered every semester.

JOUR 230. Public Relations Writing
This course focuses on developing the essential writing capabilities needed to complete a wide variety of projects in the public relations profession. It is designed to help students gain experience in researching, interviewing, writing, and producing materials used by public relations practitioners. These include biographies, press releases, fact sheets, backgrounders, newsletters, brochures, speeches, etc.  Prerequisite:  JOUR 130 or instructor’s consent.  Credit, 3 hours.  Offered every semester.

JOUR 330. Editing and Layout for Print
This course gives students practice in judging news, editing copy according to AP style, writing headlines, and designing newspapers and magazines.  This course will also discuss the role of the editor in selecting news for dissemination to the public.  Prerequisites:  JOUR 130 and COMM 233.  Credit, 3 hours.  Offered spring semester of odd years.

JOUR 331. Public Relations and Advertising
This course studies advertising, sales promotion, and the importance of public relations with respect to marketing management.  Areas covered include the psychology of advertising; the selection of media; the role of public relations as it relates to marketing; and the economic, social, and ethical effects of advertising.  Prerequisite:  JOUR 230.  Credit, 3 hours.  Offered every fall semester.

JOUR 332. Magazine and Feature Writing
This course gives students practice in writing features and in-depth magazine articles.   Topics discussed include the nature and functions of magazines, feature article writing and editing, identifying article ideas and writing query letters.   Students will take their projects through the writing, editing and placement process.  Prerequisite:  JOUR 130.  Credit, 3 hours.  Offered fall semester of even years.

JOUR 418.  Senior Colloquium
All majors are required to demonstrate their expertise through a public presentation during one of the last two semesters before graduation.  The subject will be one of the student’s choosing with departmental approval.  Each student will work closely with a faculty mentor who specializes in the chosen subject.  Students may choose to showcase their portfolio or may choose to present a paper detailing research they have conducted.  Students must present their work before an audience of the Communication and Theatre Arts faculty.  This presentation serves as the exiting examination for the department.  Credit, 1 hour.  Offered every semester.

JOUR 430. Media, Technology, and Society
This course analyzes the development of the press and the role of mass communication in American history.  This includes newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, cable, satellite, and the Internet.  Media effects theories are presented and applied to current issues.  Also, the course will discuss the development, impact, and importance of media organizations and of individual journalists in the United States.  Prerequisite:  JOUR 130.  Credit, 3 hours.  Offered every spring semester.

JOUR 431.  New Media and Online Content
This course discusses advanced technical skills such as writing and editing for web-based mass communication. Students will gain experience in content management systems, podcasting, online video production, and writing hypertext information for web-based media.  Students will apply this learning in a hands-on professional project. Prerequisite:  COMM 231.  Credit, 3 hours.  Offered fall semester of even years.

JOUR 432.  Public Relations Management
T his course focuses on the organization and management of the public relations function in business, industry, various institutions and public relations firms.  Students will develop skills in strategic public relations management based on an analysis of current and historical case studies.    Prerequisite:  JOUR 331.  Credit, 3 hours.  Offered every spring semester.


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