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Global Awareness Project (GAP)

GAP (Global Awareness Program) is a student-led group at the University of the Cumberlands that seeks to raise awareness on our campus and in our community about social injustices and do what we can to relieve them.  Some of the areas that the GAP group has raised awareness about include genocide in Darfur, poverty, homelessness, hunger, slavery, sex trafficking, child labor, and substance abuse.  GAP has donated money to the American Red Cross and has worked on fundraising with the Save Darfur coalition.  Our mission statement is as follows:  The mission of GAP (Global Awareness Program), is to imitate Jesus by opening the eyes of others, eliminating ignorance and encouraging action. We believe in equality and the value of human life and we desire to advocate for the basic human rights of all people. We will do this by raising awareness of global issues to others through our actions words and attitudes.

Anyone can join GAP at any time.  To join, you can contact Ms. Jennifer Knuckles, faculty sponsor.  This is what has be said about working with the GAP group:  “The students who have served in GAP  have donated their time and energy selflessly to make a tangible difference in their community and in their world.  Teaching in the classroom provides knowledge.  These students are applying what they learn. What a privilege and blessing to observe and be a part of this work!”