Vol. V
Summer 1993

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The Land and the King Are One: King Arthur in Southern Britain Dennis J. O'Brien
A Study of the Medical and Scientific Evidence Presented in the Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy Eric Brant Poore
Tsar Nicholas II and His Friend Susan Walker


Dr. Dennis O'Brien Dennis J. O'Brien came to Cumberland College in 1990 as an Assistant Professor of English. Since receiving his Ph.D from the Ohio State University in 1986, he has presented papers on Medieval and Renaissance literature and history at numerous academic conferences. Dr. O'Brien first presented this paper as a part of the 1992-1993 Phi Alpha Theta lecture series on campus.
Brant Poore Eric Brant Poore is a 1990 graduate of Walton Verona High School in Union, Kentucky. His current goal is to go to graduate school and become a computer teacher. Brant wrote his paper for the course entitled Historical Methods, a required course for political science majors at Cumberland College. He was a first semester junior at the time.
Susan Walker Susan Walker is a 1989 graduate of Independence High School in Columbus, Ohio. In May of 1993, she graduated from Cumberland College. She will be pursuing the MSW degree at the Southern Baptist Seminary. Her career goal is to become a Christian social worker. She first wrote her paper for a class entitled Russia.


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