Vol. XIV
Summer 2003

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Irish Presbyterians: Church, State, and Rebellion Katherine Matthews
Public Schools' Desegregation in Williamsburg, Kentucky, 1955: Some Preliminary Observations Heather Owens
The Evolution of Peace: The Role of George Mitchell in the Northern Ireland Peace Process Joshua Benton


Katherine Matthews Katherine Matthews is a 2003 graduate of Cumberland College with a major in history. She is from Kingsport, Tennessee and has served as the Attorney General of the Student Government Association this past year. Previously she served as President of Upsilon-Upsilon for a year. The original draft of her paper was written for the Issues in History course, a senior capstone course at Cumberland College.
Heather Owens Heather Owens will graduate from Cumberland College in December 2003 with a major in Business Administration and a minor in history. She is a native of Corbin, Kentucky. The paper contained in this journal is part of a special project being done for Cumberland College.
Joshua Benton Joshua Benton is a rising senior at Cumberland College and is majoring in Political Science and minoring in history. He is a native of Hartford, Kentucky. The original draft of his paper was written for the Historical Methods course, a required course for Political Science majors at Cumberland College.


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