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Degree Requirements



Each of the following is required:

  • FREN 131
  • FREN 132
  • FREN 231
  • FREN 232
  • FREN 331

One of the following culture courses is required:

  • FREN 135
  • FREN 333
  • FREN 401

One of the following literature courses is required:

  • FREN 332
  • FREN 334

Study Abroad . French minors are encouraged to enhance their fluency by immersing themselves in the language and culture through study abroad. Appropriate transfer credit may be awarded for language courses and cultural study done overseas under the auspices of an accredited and approved academic institution.


Receiving Credit for FREN 131/132 

Students may receive course credit for FREN 131 and 132 either by taking and passing the French Bypass examination or by taking and passing the appropriate CLEP examination. In addition, advanced placement and course credit for one or more French courses may be earned by scoring a 3 or higher on the appropriate AP examination.

Eligibility for the French Bypass Examination

To be eligible to take the French Bypass examination, entering students 1) must have taken two years of the language in high school, earning at least a grade of "B" in both years, or 2) be native speakers of the language. Students will receive a letter inviting them to sit for the examination if they are eligible. The Bypass examinations are normally given during summer orientation and immediately prior to the beginning of the fall term. NOTE: Students who do not sit for the examination at this time forfeit their opportunity for bypass credit.

Depending upon their performance on the examination, students may be awarded credit for FREN 131 and 132. Students with extensive French-language experience, such as native speakers, may consult with French faculty about the possibility of testing for credit in FREN 231 and 232.

NOTE: Those students who receive credit for FREN 231 and 232 and who intend to have a minor in French must "replace" those classes with upper-level French courses in order to fulfill the requirements for the minor.