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Dr. Tom Fish
Professor of English
Associate Dean

T. Fish

Dr. Tom Fish earned the first of three degrees at Iowa State University, completing a BA in English in 1974.  For graduate studies, he moved on to the University of Kansas, which awarded him an MA in English in 1978, followed by a PhD in English in 1981.  Dr. Fish has been a member of University of the Cumberlands’ faculty since 1984.

Dr. Fish’s areas of specialization include literary criticism, British Romantic and Victorian literature, and the poetry of Robert Browning.  In recent years, he has been exploring the potential of technology in teaching composition and literature. The Appalachian College Association has twice honored Dr. Fish’s achievements, presenting him with the Cutting Edge Award for Teaching with Technology in 1999 and naming him the Teaching with Technology Advocate in English for 2000-2001.

In 2007, Dr. Fish assumed the role of Associate Dean of the University after several successful years as chairman of the Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages.

Courses Taught

  • ENGL 131 - English Composition I
  • ENGL 132 - English Composition II
  • ENGL 230 - Literary Criticism
  • ENGL 231 - Writing with the New Media
  • ENGL 331 - English Literature through 1660
  • ENGL 332 - English Literature 1660-1830
  • ENGL 333 - English Literature since 1830
  • ENGL 431 - Studies in British Literature: Romantic Literature; Victorian                       Literature
  • ENGL 437 - Studies in British and American Authors: Shakespeare
  • ENGL 531 - Writing Instruction for Content Areas


Selected Publications and Presentations

Director.  Institutional Self-Study.  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  University of the Cumberlands.  2006.

“Developing Web Resources in English.”  Appalachian College Association Workshop. Georgetown.  2000.

Organizer and facilitator.  “Using New Media in Teaching.”  Appalachian College Association Workshop.  Cumberland College.  2000.

“Using FrontPage for Course Websites.”  Appalachian College Association Technology Summit.  1999.

With Jennifer Perkins.  “Developing an Archival Website to Teach Literary Theory.”  Appalachian College Association Technology Summit.  1998.

“Composition with CommonSpace.”  Appalachian College Association Technology Summit.  1998.

With Jane Carter.  “Nurturing Faculty for Efforts in Retention.”  National Student Conference on Retention in Small Colleges.  1995.

Editor.  Institutional Self-Study.  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  Cumberland College.  1994.

“Earthsea Revisited: Sexual Politics in Ursula LeGuin’s Tehanu.”  Popular Culture Association.  1992.

“Be Whole & Sole Yourself: The Quest for Selfhood in Bishop Blougram’s Apology.”  South Atlantic Review.  1991.

“Coping with Chaos: Raising Arizona.”  Literature and Film Conference.  1990