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Education Student

Education students benefit from professors who have experience both inside and outside the classroom and from access to our Instructional Media Library with its variety of teaching materials and media.

You’ll also have an opportunity for field study, choosing from field assignments in several schools within the district. Your student teaching is a 12-week practicum.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

What you can do with a major in Education:

  • Tutor at-risk students
  • Serve in children’s or youth ministry
  • Become a textbook representative
  • Teach or train employees in large companies
  • Become an educational consultant

Top Ten Reasons to Choose UC


Opportunity to make a difference


Have an active role in shaping the future


To ignite the spark of curiosity in children

four Learn about yourself through reflections

Be a role model

six To turn your love of learning into a love of teaching

To practice three of life’s most valuable virtues: kindness, patience, and understanding


You will get a great feel for what being a teacher is really like


To make the same type of  difference in a child’s life as your favorite teacher made in yours


Stickers are still cool and you get to play with toys!