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Dr. T.P. Dzugan
Professor of Biology

T. Dzugan

Dr. T.P. Dzugan’s area of specialization is Physical Chemistry, in which field he holds both an M.S. and a Ph.D. from Florida State University. Since joining the faculty of University of the Cumberlands in 1989, Dr. Dzugan has devoted himself to directing student research and, since 1991, he has collaborated on seven such projects. He has further demonstrated his commitment to student success by being a faculty leader of INSIGHTS, Cumberland College’s semester-long freshman orientation program.

Courses Taught

  • CHEM 111 General Chemistry I Laboratory
  • CHEM 140 Introduction to General Chemistry
  • CHEM 142 General College Chemistry I
  • CHEM 211 General Chemistry II Laboratory
  • CHEM 242 General College Chemistry II
  • CHEM 345 Survey of Physical Chemistry
  • CHEM 413 Teaching Practicum in Chemistry
  • CHEM 411 Physical Chemistry I Laboratory
  • CHEM 412 Physical Chemistry II Laboratory
  • CHEM 431 Physical Chemistry I
  • CHEM 432 Physical Chemistry II
  • CHEM 490 Senior Studies, Capstone in Chemistry