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Dr. Vernon McGlone
Associate Professor

V. McGlone

Dr. Vernon McGlone came to Cumberland College in 2000. He holds a B.S. in Economics and Computer Science from Northern Kentucky University, as well as an M.B.A. in Managerial Accounting and a Ph.D. in Business Administration, both from the University of Kentucky. He has completed additional graduate study in Computer Information Systems at Eastern Kentucky University.

Dr. McGlone brings to the department specialization in electronic commerce, systems analysis, microcomputer architecture, and quantitative decision models. He is a member of the Financial Executives Institute, the Academy of Business Disciplines, and the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science. Recently, he has lent his business and technological expertise to special projects for Frontier Vision Cable and the Berea Tourism Commission.

Publications and Presentations

"Factors Influencing Consumers’ Selection of a Primary Care Physician," forthcoming in Health Marketing Quarterly, Spring 2002, with T.A. McGlone and S. Butler.

"The Electronic Patient Record: A Model for the Future Direction of Health Care," forthcoming in Issues in Information Systems, Fall 2001, with S. Butler.

"Telecommuting: A Utility Company’s Solution to Customer Service Problems," forthcoming in Journal of Business Disciplines, Fall 2001, with S. Butler and T.A. McGlone.

"The Electronic Patient Record: A Model for the Future Direction of Health Care," presented at the IACIS Conference, October 2001, with S. Butler.

"The Impact of Non-Business Majors in a Business Core Course," Mid-American Journal of Business, Spring 2001, 61-67, with P. Brewer, T.A. McGlone, and V. Brewer.

"Telecommuting: A Utility Company’s Solution to Customer Service," presented at the Academy of Business Disciplines annual conference, November 2000, with S. Butler and T.A. McGlone.

"Perspectives on Consumer Navigation Systems for Destination Routing on the Internet’s World Wide Web," in Enriching Marketing Practice and Education, E. Stuart and E. Moore, Editors. Rock Hill, SC: Southern Marketing Association, 231-233, 1997, with C. Siegel and T.A. McGlone.

"Expected & Experienced Service from a Nonprofit Organization: A Gap Analysis Approach," Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Proceedings, 1995, with T.A. McGlone and R.L. Powers.

"The Financial Impact of Marketing Mix Decisions: An Economic Value Added Approach," presented at INFORMS Fall 1995 national meeting, New Orleans, LA, with T.A. McGlone.

Shareholder Value & Direct Foreign Investment by U.S. Multinational Corporations. Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International, 1992.

"An Industrial Market Segmentation Problem Utilizing Goal Programming," presented at TIMS/ORSA joint national meeting, April 1992, Orlando, FL, with T.A. McGlone, R. Calantone, and A. di Benedetto.

"Marketing Students & Cheating: Ethical Attitudes Do Affect Behaviors, Marketing: Toward the Twenty-First Century, R. King, Editor, Richmond, VA: Southern Marketing Association, 1991, with S.J. Garner, T.A. McGlone, and C. Siegel.

"Exploratory Study into Incidence and Variety of Cheating Behaviors on a College Campus," presented at the GROW Conference, February 1991, Richmond, KY, with S.J. Garner, C. Siegel, and T.A. McGlone.