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Ms. Geraldine Allen
Assistant Professor of Art

G Allen

Ms. Geraldine Allen has taught in the Art Department since 1995.  An alumna of Cumberland College, she earned a B.S. in Art Education in 1978 and an M.A. in Education with Fine Art Emphasis in 1992.  Further studies include graduate work in Art Education at the University of Tennessee; photography, digital imaging, and watercolor painting in New Mexico, Kentucky, and Maine.  Currently she is completing a dissertation concerning online teaching and learning in the visual arts toward an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership.

Ms. Allen served as a member of Appalachia Artists Guild Board of Directors, 2000-2005; the National Art Education Association, the Kentucky Art Education Association, and Appalachian Photographic Society.

Courses Taught

  • ART 131 Online Art Appreciation
  • ART 134 Drawing I
  • ART 135 Fundamental Design
  • ART 230 Computer Imaging I
  • ART 231 Drawing II
  • ART 331 School Art
  • ART 332 Watercolor Painting
  • ART 333 Computer Imaging II
  • ART 430 Art Education in the Secondary School
  • ART 431 American Art History
  • ART 491 Photography

Art by Geraldine Allen

Art Gibson Guitars
charcoal and conte drawing
18"x 24"
Art After the Storm
Art Seawall
Art White Tree
Art Leaves